Wayne Creditor Bankruptcy Attorney

A creditor bankruptcy attorney will work with credit unions, businesses with consumer debt, and B2B non-payment cases. Our role is to assist clients with creditor claims in Chapter 13 bankruptcy, Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and Chapter 11 bankruptcy filings. We focus on providing creditor clients with high-quality counsel and practical approach aimed at resolving unique bankruptcy creditor’s rights issues and relief from stay.

Relief From Stay & Bankruptcy Creditor’s Rights

An automatic stay, which is a legal maneuver that freezes collection and legal actions against a debtor, provides a buffer of time for debtors while debt issues are settled. However, creditors can seek relief from stay upon demonstrating relevant cause.

All too often, creditors are given bankruptcy notices and assume they have no recourse of action for claims against a debtor. This assumption, however, is untrue. Bankruptcy creditors are allowed to:

  • Be heard by the court in matters regarding the debtor’s plan
  • Argue against an individual debtor’s discharge or right to discharge debt.
  • Share in any bankruptcy distribution according to claim priority.

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